Torklift S9050A SpringLoad XL Turnbuckles - 35"-45" Grey (Set of 2)

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Better. Designed specifically for Torklift's Frame Mounted Tie Downs. High quality but low cost spring-loaded turnbuckles.

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Better. Designed specifically for Torklift's Frame Mounted Tie Downs. High quality but low cost spring-loaded turnbuckles.

Free yourself from chains! The Torklift S9050A SpringLoad XL Camper Turnbuckle is a low price turnbuckle option that doesn't sacrifice strength or quality. Rated as Better on Torklift's Good/Better/Best scale, the SpringLoad XL Turnbuckles are built specifically for their frame mount tie downs (though they will also work with most other applications). Everything you need is included with these low profile, clean looking turnbuckles, no more chains or unsightly hardware!

Using turnbuckles that are springloaded is incredibly important for the long term durability of your vehicle's frame and camper anchor points. When you go over bumps and around corners with your camper, it causes a whole lot of stress on your vehicle and camper, the internal springs help reduce the stress on the anchor points. When using the spring loaded turnbuckles with their frame mounted tie downs, Torklift will even warranty the truck frame and camper anchor points while they are under manufacturer warranty. The springs used in the SpringLoad XL Turnbuckles are made in the US specifically for Torklift and no one else.

The S9050A Turnbuckles are made with aircraft grade T6061 aluminum and high impact stainless steel. The strength of these are unmatched and they come with Torklift's legendary lifetime warranty. By using aluminum they were able to cut four pounds from the turnbuckle system. The XL actually stands for Extra Light! These are made in the USA in Torklift's factory in Sumner Washington and we have them stocked at several distribution facilities around the United States! Even the patented tension indicator O ring is made in the USA and is UV protected.

The powder coated grey SpringLoad XL turnbuckles are made with a square body for easy adjustment and added strength. Installation is easy, simply place the SpringLoad XL hooks into the tie down faceplate and camper anchor point, and then hand tighten the Spingload XL by twisting the square body, after that simply tighten the security nut for added safety and then you are ready to roll! In all installation should take about ten minutes for four turnbuckles.

Torklift SpringLoad XL Turnbuckles are sold in sets of two so be sure to order two sets if you want four of them. They are made to reach lengths from 35" to 45" but can be cut down if you need them to be shorter by a few inches. You can also attach Torklift's Derringer handles to these in order to make them quick-disconnect. This is a great option if you are worried about the turnbuckles covering you fuel access door.

Brand: Torklift

SKU: S9050A

Qty In Package: 2 SpringLoad XL Turnbuckles Included

Size: 35" -45" (Long bolt hook can be cut down if you need a few inches shorter)

Color: Powder-coated Grey (Only color available)

Warranty: Torklift Lifetime Warranty (Click Here for documentation.)

Ships With: UPS or FedEX

Box Size: 30" x 4" x 7"

Box Weight: 7 lbs

Installation Time: About 10 minutes for four turnbuckles

Installation Instructions: Click Here for documentation.

Tools Required: Wrench

UPC: 874929010460

Alternate SKUS: TRS9050, 3431-6002, 39579, 3205117, 0138.1705, 16-0509, 14593800, TCWS9050, 92-2234

The Torklift SpringLoad XL Turnbuckles are designed to fit all of their frame mounted tie downs. You will just want to make sure the space between your camper and tie down points is somewhere between 35" and 45" . If you are slightly under 35" you can modify the turnbuckles by cutting the threaded rod down some.

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  • Hello, how quickly will these ship if I order them today?

    Hi there, the S9050A Turnbuckles are in stock and ready to ship. They should arrive to you in under a week!