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The Complete Torklift Tie Down System Guide

Choosing your Tie Down System can by quite a challenge with all of the options that are out there today. One of the reasons we built the Cascadia Tie Downs web site was to present you with all of the options that are available for your particular vehicle. Today we are highlighting Torklift's Tie Down system components, which we view as the best products currently available. Torklift offers a few different versions of Tie Downs, Turnbuckles and Accessories, and this guide will go over each option in depth.


Frame Mounted Tie Downs


Torklift True Frame Mount Steel Tie Downs

Torklift's True Frame Mount Tie Downs are their most popular by a long shot. They fit so many different applications and are relatively inexpensive making them a must have for those looking for a basic frame mounted tie down set. Most True Frame applications will not require any drilling into your frame, they take advantage of pre-cut holes which insures that you will not compromise the integrity of your frame or void any vehicle warranties. 

Another great feature with these Tie Downs is that you will not lose any ground clearance. They fit snuggly to the frame of the vehicle and the ends can be removed when not in use, which makes them nearly invisible under most trucks. The Tie Downs also come with Torklift's Lifetime Warranty that is the best in the industry. 

Each Torklift True Frame Tie Down Set comes in pairs so you will need to order one front set and one back set if you decide to go this route. Torklift also offers many accessory items that go with the True Frame Tie Downs, including locks, finishing kits, and a lot more that we will go over in depth later in this guide. 

Torklift Talon Frame Mount Aluminum Tie Downs

About the only complaint we have ever heard about the True Frame Tie Downs is that that tend to rust after a few years in certain climates. Apparently Torklift was listening because they recently released their premium Talon Tie Downs. When it comes to camper tie downs, the Talon set is the best of the best. Made from light-weight military-grade aluminum alloy, these tie downs are guaranteed not to rust no matter what climate you live in or travel through. 

The Torklift Talon Tie Downs offer the same great features as the True Frame Tie Downs, with the added strength and durability of the aluminum alloy. Still easy to install, still with Torklift's legendary warranty, and still proudly made in the USA, the Torklift Talon Tie Downs are a great option for those who are looking for the best Tie Downs on the market and are willing to pay a little bit more to get them. 







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