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The 4 Best Torklift Turnbuckles

By now you know about Torklift's frame mount tie downs. You've heard about their legendary lifetime warranty. You know that all of their products are made in the Torklift factory in Washington State. 

But did you know they have several different turnbuckle options available for their tie-downs? Did you know that some can be installed in just a few seconds? Did you know that some are available in different colors? 

It's true, all of Torklift's Turnbuckles are good, but some of them are great. We wanted to create a guide so you can figure out which turnbuckles are the best option for you. 

This guide will not cover everything so be sure to contact us if any questions come up, we are happy to help. 

These are the 4 best torklift turnbuckles!

4. Torklift Basic Springload Turnbuckles

Torklift’s Basic Springload Turnbuckles are the traditional chain style and they are the least expensive option that Torklift offers and while you do sacrifice some features that come built into their more expensive turnbuckles, these are still much a better option than a majority of the turnbuckles on the road today.  

Each Basic Springload Turnbuckle comes with three sections: the spring loaded quick-link that bolts directly to the frame mounted tie down, the 13" steel hook-style turnbuckle that connects to your camper tie down point, and the the 24" steel chain that connects it all together. After everything is attached, just twist the turnbuckle until you reach the desired tension.

The Basic Springload Turnbuckles are designed only to be used with Torklift frame mounted tie downs and should take less than 10 minutes to install each turnbuckle.

S9000 Basic Springload Turnbuckles 

3. Torklift AnchorGuard Turnbuckles

If you have a bed mounted tie down system, the AnchorGuard turnbuckles are going to be a great option for you. Each set includes two front spring loaded and two rear cushioned turnbuckles that will offer you stability like no other bed mounted option. They are available with or without Derringer Handles.

The Derringer Handle AnchorGuards come with built in levers that allow for the same type of quick release action that the Fastguns have. There are some sizing differences so be sure to pay attention to the length you need. Another thing to keep in mind, the AnchorGuards come in complete sets of four while most other options come with only two turnbuckles. 

S9013 Standard AnchorGuard Turnbuckles - Front - 19"-23.5", Rear - 26.5"-33"  

S9020 AnchorGuard Derringer Turnbuckles - Front - 18.5"-25.5", Rear - 28.5"-34.5"

2. Torklift SpringLoad XL Turnbuckles

Less expensive than Fastguns and sturdier, better looking and easier to use than the Basic Springload set, the Torklift Springload XL Turnbuckles come in second on our list. These are very simple to use and can be attached quickly using a twist-action to loosen and tighten. 

Just attach the hook side to your camper and twist the square “easy-grip” body to loosen the turnbuckle enough to attach to your frame mounted tie downs, then twist in the opposite direction to tighten them up to the correct tension using the built-in tension indicator ring.

The Springload XL Turnbuckles come with all of the stability of the Original Fastguns, you are only sacrificing the ease of the lever action release, which may be worth it if you are trying to save some money! The SpringLoad XLs are only made for frame mount applications, they have a reach of 35”-45”.

S9050A Springload XL Turnbuckles

1. Torklift FastGun Turnbuckles

Widely regarded as the best turnbuckles on the market, the Torklift Fastguns have earned their reputation because of their strength, stability and ease of use. They are available for frame or bed mounted systems.

Fastguns were designed for those of us who have better things to do with our time than attach and remove camper turnbuckles. The quick-disconnect handles on these turnbuckles cut installation time down to less than a minute for all four turnbuckles. The handles also make life a lot easier if your turnbuckles happen to cross over your gas inlet. No more messing with tools or straining your wrists every time you need to fill up!

Torklift FastGun Turnbuckles come in two different sizes: Long Range or Short Range.

The Long Range FastGuns are designed to fit frame mounted tie downs. The 25” to 43” length should give you plenty of reach. They are available in Grey, Black, White or Stainless.

For those who still use a bed mount system (Read: 5 Reasons You Should Switch To Frame Mount Camper Tie Downs), don’t despair, there are Fastguns for you too! The Torklift Short Range FastGun Turnbuckles reach from 14.5" - 21.5" and are available in Grey, White or Stainless.

Long Range

S9522 Grey Fastgun Turnbuckles - Long

S9526 Stainless Fastgun Turnbuckles -Long

S9529 Black Fastgun Turnbuckles - Long

S9530 White Fastgun Turnbuckles - Long

Short Range

S9520 Grey Fastgun Turnbuckles - Short

S9521 White Fastgun Turnbuckles - Short

S9527 Stainless Fastgun Turnbuckles - Short


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